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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Our Decision Is For The Interest Of Nigerian Football - Isaac Danladi

The Chairman of Club Owners Association Of Nigeria Barrister Isaac Danladi has rubbished claims that he's in support of the Points Per Game Method PPG to end the Nigeria Professional Football League because it will favour his team Nasarawa United.

Barrister Danladi in an interview with Newsmen expressed dissatisfaction at the insinuation, adding that the PPG method was brought to the fore by the League Management Company LMC and not the Club owners Association and made reference to the league table as at match day 25 saying teams in the lower end of the table were still fighting to escape before the league was halted.

He said "Honestly speaking, when I hear these things, it really baffles me, but is it the club owners that brought about Covid-19 crisis?, Is it the club owners that stopped sporting activities including Football from taking place in the country?, Is it also the club owners that shut down schools? Is it the club owners that has put us in this quagmire? The answer is No, people are just making allegations. The PPG is a framework recognized by CAF and FIFA, before this PPG was adopted here, four options were on ground and those four options were looked at critically and narrowed down into two and those two options recognized PPG and seventeen clubs agreed that we should adopt the PPG, aside from that, Nasarawa United was 17th on the table as at the time the League was stopped in week 25, if you look at the difference between the points from those between the 9th and the 19th position, nobody had escaped relegation, so it will be unreasonable for some people to think that the PPG was adopted to end the season so as to favour Nasarawa United".

There were series of online meetings last week where authorities met to take a decision on the conclusion of the 2019/2020 Nigeria Professional Football League Season.

Seventeen club owners voted in favour of the points per game method which will result to no team gaining promotion and non relegating to the Nigeria National League.

The Club owners Chairman added that every decision taken at the end of the day would be in the interest of Nigerian Football

The top two teams would be selected to represent Nigeria in the CAF Champions League while the team on the third position will join Cup holders Kano Pillars to represent Nigeria in the CAF Confederation Cup.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Bukola Olopade: The Man With The Midas Touch

Meet one of Nigeria's finest sports administrator, sports marketer and philanthropist; Bukola Olopade a man of the people.

He made the promise on Wednesday Night and by friday afternoon he has fulfilled his 200,000 naira pledge to Nigeria journalists.
There is no denying the fact that Bukola Olopade remains the best commissioner of sports that ever lived in Nigeria. This may not be far from the truth because his legacies are there and they will always speak for him.
Ozogula as he is fundly called by his admirers has broken all records that exists in sports and is looking good for the Guinness book of records.
A few years ago, a certain Mr Suleiman Baba Ali emerged from the blues to raise over 500m naira for team Nigeria's participation at the Olympics. He did that successfully with fellow marketer, Nkechi Obi. That feet was celebrated and many still discuss it till date.
 Those two, set a precedent for others to follow and one man has since dwarfed their records as Nigeria best sports marketer of all time. His name is Bukola Olopade.
Tipped as one of the best brains to come out of Egbaland, described by associates as the shinning light of Ogun state politics, this man has all the potentials of a good governor but he is bidding his time, knowing that there comes that moment, when the people will say, come and rule us.
Bukola Olopade has won races, he has fought battles and won in flying colours, he has weathered the storm of uncertainty and has come out unscathed. He has achieved where others failed
An icon, a colossal achiever, a brilliant administrator, a house builder and a man of many parts. Ozo has survived the most difficult situations and has emerged from the storm smiling and dancing
  Hit by the corona virus, Bukola Olopade was gallant all through, he fought like a warrior and emerged from the hospital stronger than he went. As a patient, he showed other love on their hospital bed and left after three weeks with a promise to always offer his support.
He has returned several times to donate his little to help the sick and has set up a foundation to assist doctors and nurses who are the frontliners in this battle against the deadly corona virus pandemic ravaging the entire world.
Out of hospital, Ozo has not stopped giving, he has helped the sick, he has encouraged the weak, donated to charities and blessed the poor.
On Friday, Bukola Olopade decided to bless the Nigeria media as he donated the sum of 200,000 naira to Nigerian journalists on the popular Nigerha sports mouthpiece rebranded, a WhatsApp platform that has raised close to 5million naira in helping Nigerian journalists survive the harsh realities of the Corona virus pandemic. 
Those who call him the king of marathon in Africa may not be wrong. This man who raised over 500m naira to help wheelchair basketball in Nigeria has thrived where others failed.

The Obudu Mountain race was the biggest marathon attraction in Nigeria at some point, but the present governor of the state, Ben Ayade has failed woefully in sustaining the legacies of his predecessor, bringing an end to the pride of Cross Rivers state.
Their loss, is Ozogula's gain. He has single handedly revived the long distance races with over four international marathon events that have the stamp of the IAAF.
 He has gone about his little achievements with humility. He hardly blows his trumpet, rather he sits to watch others shout. He is a trojan, a fighter and an achiever. He has won battles and he is poised for greater achievements.

Ozo was the first Nigerian sport administrator to resign when the ovation was loudest. He dumped the Nigeria National League over irreconcilable differences with the NFF. This was after he predicted that the league will never survive the tide that will come. Today the NNL is dead, waiting to be buried.

He is Bukola Olopade, the hope of South West and the friend of the depressed. He is the man we hope, will take our sport to the promised land.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

COVID-19: Nigeria Sports Mouthpiece (NSM) gets pallatives worth N200,000

COVID-19: Nigeria Sports Mouthpiece (NSM) gets pallatives worth N200,000

By Akin Bolarinwa. 

One of the most respected sports administrator in the country has donated two hundred thousand Naira worth of pallatives to the Nigeria foremost WhatsApp sports group called Nigeria Sports Mouthpiece (NSM) Rebranded.
According to the administrator who chose to remain anonymous,  this is to alleviate the hardship occasioned by the COVID-19 lock-down on sports journalists that serves as essential workers.
The Philanthropist fondly addressed by his kinsmen as " Mr Talk and Do", delivered the palliatives to the leaders of the NSM noble platform for onward distribution to journalists.
He said, "Journalists across the world are one of the worse hit during the COVID-19 pandemic because the sports sector has been shut down for 3 months. Here in Nigeria, sports may not resume until the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 gives us the go ahead. 
"The palliative is to ensure that sports journalists who are also essential workers have funds to buy face masks and hand sanitizers to keep themselves free from COVID-19 
The elders of the platform (NSM) received the palliatives on behalf of the group, commending the respected sports administrator for his kind gesture. 

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Coronavirus Is Not The Cause Of Global Mass Death, Says Australia-based Nigerian Scientist*

Australia-based Nigerian Scientist, Emmanuel Adeyemi has revealed that novel Coronavirus is not the cause of  Mass death around the globe claiming that the solution to the COVIID-19 pandemic does not require any vaccine.

Emmanuel Adeyemi an Alumnus of the University of Ibadan who is based in Melbourne Australia, will reveal to the world on Saturday, June 20, 2020 in a press conference the truth about the global pandemic that is ravaging the world and the cure.

The brilliant Nigerian Scientist discovered after a deep and thorough research that China made a wrong diagnosis of the disease which has made it difficult to understand the clinical signs and symptoms of the disease and to develop a treatment regimen for the disease.

Adeyemi who will be presenting his research findings to the world through a press conference this Saturday, found out that in late 2019 Wuhan Municipal Health Commission first reported a case of Pneumonia and they believed that the Pneumonia was as a result of a virus because of  three reasons:
(1) Because of the Wet animal live market in China where it was believed that the virus must have spilled over from a bat or another animal to humans.

(2) Because of the Wuhan Institute of Virology which has the China Centre for Virus Culture Collection which is the largest Virus Bank in the whole of Asia and they thought that the Virus must have leaked from the virus bank.

(3) Because of the resemblance of the clinical symptoms of COVID-19 to that of the 2002 SARS outbreak which presents with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and since SARS was caused by a Coronavirus, it was believed that the current Global disease too is due to a new Coronavirus.

Emmanuel disclosed that recently, Chinese Researchers has said openly that the wet Market is not the source of the Coronavirus and that the Virus didn't leak from the Wuhan Laboratory.

The University of Ibadan graduate, who has been able to obtain scientific publications from China which shows that the problem China had was a case of widespread Pneumonia, stated that Chinese Center for Disease Control (CCDC) named the causative agent as a Novel Coronavirus. He also claimed that he has a scientific paper that shows how the World Health Organization (WHO) named the Pneumonia from China as COVID-19.

The Scientist said that Pneumonia is not only been caused by a virus and that their are other causes of Pneumonia. He said he has discovered through his research findings the main causative agent and that the solution to the COVIID-19 pandemic does not require any vaccine.

Emmanuel Adeyemi Aiyeyun who has various degrees — BPT, MSc, CSRS, MNSP, MMRTB in his field will be providing scientific answers to the following unknown questions about COVID-19 during his press conference, where he will be launching a video which will explain the original cause, the solution and how to prevent a future occurrence of this global pandemic.

(1) Why the incubation period of the Novel disease is 14 days and why we are to self-isolate for 14 days after an exposure to the causative agent.

(2) Why it affects more males than females.

(3) Why it affects people over 65 years of age.

(4) Why it is more prevalent during cold and winter season.

(5) Why it is less commoy in warm and summer seasons.

(6) Why it killed more black Americans than Whites in the United States of America.

(7) How and why it caused more deaths in Countries like Italy, Spain, France and Germany.

(8) Why hydroxychloroquine being an antimalarial drug is able to treat this novel disease.

(9) Why Madagascar drug was able to treat the novel disease.

(10) How and why the disease results to loss of sense of smell in some patients.

(11) Why some patients presents with stroke symptoms and blue colouration of the skin.

(12) Why New York City has the highest death rate in the United States of America.

V/ball: Ikhiede urges younger players to be hard-working

V/ball: Ikhiede urges younger players to be hard-working

Nigeria senior volleyball player, Francisca Ikhiede has urged younger players to be dedicated, hard-working and humble as she celebrates her birthday.

The Nigeria best server revealed that beating Brazil at the 2020 Carmtel Volleyball Invitational Championship in Cameroon gave her the mentality that no team is unbeatable.

The National beach volleyball player said the 2019 Zone 3 African Club Championship was one of her most exciting tournaments.

She said, “I really want to encourage the younger players to keep the spirit high, work-hard and be humble. Nothing good comes easy in this life; there are times when things seems not to be working but always have the ability to say I can do it and I will not quit.

“One of my most exciting matches was the game against Brazil at the 2020 Carmtel Volleyball Invitational Championship in Cameroon. All odds were not favouring us as bookmarks have written us off; we went into the final and ended up defeating Brazil to retain our title”.

Ikhiede revealed that the experience gathered at her first snow volleyball is everlasting.

She said, “it was a nice experience playing for Nigeria at her first ever snow volleyball international championship. I have never witnessed such level of cold in my entire life but I was over the moon because I was able to see how snow looked like”.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Onazi Unveils A New Mansion In Lekki (video)

Super Eagles and Denizlispor of Turkey midfielder Ogenyi Onazi has purchased a new mansion to the lists of his assets.

The 27  years old seems to be buying and investing in the right places. The new mansion is located at the  prestigious and luxurious part of Lagos, Lekki.

The new building which has the state of art decoration and design is said to be the one of the best in the neighborhood.

Check out a video of the interior here

The new acquisition is in the celebration of Onazi's 4th Year wedding anniversary with his lovely wife Sandra.

Speaking on the development, the president of Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Prince Abayomi Ogunjimi who was elated described the mansion as a good development and that he is proud of the achievement recorded by the youngster. He described Ogenyi Onazi as one of the few players who has been making right choice when it comes to investing wisely and purchasing of assets.

Monday, 15 June 2020


Paul Set To Begin Second Missionary Journey As Flying Eagles Chief Coach- NFF

Like the biblical Paul who went on three missionary journeys preaching the gospel and performing miracles, another Paul is set to embark on his second missionary journey as Flying Eagles chief coach.

Adjudged the best National team coach in 2019 due to his sterling performances with the Under 20 National team that saw Nigeria make it to the last 16 of the 2019 FIFA Under 20 world cup in Poland and a Silver winning exploit at the All Africa games in Egypt, Paul is the man looking good to get the job again

Blessed with UEFA A' Licence certificate, the former Warri Wolves and Enyimba FC chief coach is currently in the United kingdom undergoing intensive coaching from some of the world's best coaches as the Covid-19 pandermic persists.

He has travelled from London to Ireland and lately Scotland to beef up his credentials

A top official of the NFF told this reporter that Paul is top on a list of four and is looking food for the job. According to him, Paul Aigbogun has done well for himself after the Under 20 World cup in Poland. I understand that a few persons are not happy with his team's performance in Poland but he remedied the situation with a fine showing in Egypt during the AAG. I am not his fan but from what i hear and based on the list of those who applied for the Flying Eagles job, he stands out interms of credentials and exposure.

Remember, this is not entirely the NFF's decision to make. I am not saying we can't make some inputs but the decision is that of Prime Water company PWC. We have given them the authority to act on our behalf. They are seriously scrutinising all the applications on their table and will come out with the best names in the coming days.

 I understand why many are saying Paul will get it because from the list of coaches that have appled for the Under 20 job, he stands out.
All i can say for now, is that everyone should stay calm with fingers crossed, a definite decision will be made that will be in the best interest of Nigerians he concluded.
Five of Paul Aigbogun's discoveries from the last FIFA world cup have gone on to sign improved contracts with top European clubs.

FC Nantes Seals permanent deal For Moses Simon

Super Eagles winger Moses Simon has joined French Ligue 1 Outfits Nantes on a permanent basis after from Spanish side Levante .

Simon impressed at Nantes after joining on loan and was voted Nantes player of the season.

Simon who was an integral part of the Super Eagles team that finished third at the 2019 Africa Cup Of Nations has penned a four year deal which will run till 2025.

After signing the deal, Simon Spoke with NSM rebranded and said "I thank the players and the management for everything, they did very well and I appreciate them a lot. We will keep working hard to achieve our goal".

Simon is known for his strength to run down defenders and also very solid tracking back to assist the defenders.

He is fast, tricky and a has a good eye for goal whenever he finds himself in sight

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Meet Aminu Kurfi Balele, the game changer, who is leaving his footprints in the sand of time

The story of Nigeria football cannot be complete without a mention of Alhaji Aminu kurfi Balele, the fast rising football administrator whose records on and off the pitch is gradually dwarfing the achievements of many who have spent over two decades in the corridors of football with virtually nothing to show for it.

As senior special adviser to the former executive governor of Katsina state Alhaji Aminu Bello Masari, Balele who was also a former chairman of Katsina united, is the brain behind the rising profile of Katsina United as one of the emerging super powers of Nigeria football

His deep administrative manoeuvrings around the football circle helped to lift the Changi boys from their comfort zone in the NNL to the Nigeria professional football league, NPFL, after they finished as league leaders in the 2016 season before going on to win the NNL Super 4 competition, a result that catapulted them to the Apex league in the country.

Known for his forthrightness, admired for his doggedness and respected for his resilience, Dan Arewa as he is fondly called by his admirers is gradually winning souls from all sectors of the sporting fraternity. Many remember with excitement, the role he played in turning Katsina United into a brand that is now talked about, not only in Nigeria but in the whole of Africa.

He was the brain behind the quick completion of the Muhammadu Dikko stadium in Katsina state and used his influence to get the Golden Eaglets camped in Katsina on their way to winning the 2015 FIFA Under 17 World Cup in Chile.

That in itself, was a landmark achievement that will remain indelible in the hearts of the good people of Katsina state for years to come.

This easy going and very unassuming administrator, guided the Under-15 team of Katsina United to back to back finals of the LMC/NPFL Under-15 features and was also on hand to guide Katsina feeders to the quarter final of the AITEO Cup. All these achievements came without anyone blowing his trumpet.

In 2018, Aminu Kurfi once again applied his administrative ingenuity by single handedly convincing the executive governor of Katsina state, his excellency, Aminu Bello Masari to host the NFF Extraordinary congress.

This happened at a time when Nigeria football was groaning in the mud of crisis and uncertainty.

Katsina state government hosted over five hundred football stakeholders, among them, 44 delegates, in what turned out the best organised NFF Election ever held in the history of Association football in Nigeria.

This was the first time in the history of NFF elections that the winners and losers shook hands in agreement that the process was indeed very free and fair.

Despite his goodwill, this man has his few regrets as the NFF have failed to fulfil two key promises made to the Katsina state government on the eve of the 2018 election.

Firstly, they promised to build the first FA secretariate in the Katsina state capital and secondly, they made a special promise to the emir of Daura, Faruk Umar Faruk, that they will bring one of the FIFA Goal projects assigned to Nigeria, to the home of president Mohammadu Buhari.

 Both promises have not been met till date as there are no assurances of any sort from the eggheads in the football house.

Balele is not deterred by these setbacks, as he has continued to contribute his quota to the development of football in the state and Nigeria in general.

Voted Katsina state FA chairman in 2019, this erodite and immensely intelligent politician who is well respected by the government and people of Katsina state for his rising profile as a key stakeholder in Nigeria football, was at the forefront of Nigeria's participation at the 2018 World Cup in Russia where he helped Nigeria football federation officials and fans to sort out important logistics before and during the competition.

He also singlehandedly secured Max Airline for the NFF to help airlift the Super Eagles of Nigeria to Sfax for a crucial world cup qualifier with Libya in October 2018,  and later Maseru for the return leg of a double header with Lesotho just last year.

He is the peace maker, a man who has continued to preach peace among football stakeholders. His philanthropic hand has touched the young and old in all the villages and towns of Katsina state and environs. He has touched lives and has not stopped doing his best in helping humanity.

 Loved by the media, appreciated by the footballers, respected by club owners and other stakeholders and adored by the fans, Aminu Kurfi will always be remembered as the man who discovered the jewel or Katsina United, the pride of the Changi boys and a player that all football lovers in the state will love to call their beloved, he is Destiny Ashadi or better still, the Katsina Diamond.

Covid-19: Chief Ladi Thompson donates palliatives to Journalists.

Covid-19: Chief Ladi Thompson donates palliatives to Journalists.

By Akin Bolarinwa.

In a bid to alleviate the suffering of some vulnerable people in Nigeria following the lockdown arising from COVID-19 pandemic, Respected football administrator and former chairman of Kwara United,  Chief Ladi Thompson has donated palliative items worth One hundred thousand Naira  to the administrators of the biggest WhatsApp sports group in Africa (NSM) for onward distribution to journalists.

The palliatives items which included  cartons of face masks among others, according to the millionaire businessman, the items were meant for families who eke out a living doing media jobs in the nation.

He said, "I am worried like many Nigerians over the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequence of the lockdown and i felt that i should touch the lives of people who the lockdown has affected greatly".

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters Club Remembers Late Shuaibu Amodu

It is exactly four years since the death of former Super Eagles coach, Shuaibu Amodu. Late coach Shuaibu Amodu qualified the Super Eagles for international competition when he was Super Eagles coach, he was a successful coach, having coached many teams within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Authentic Nigeria football Supporters Club will not forget late Shuaibu Amodu in a hurry. Keep resting , ANFSC remembers you !


Nigeria Pillar of Sports mourns Sam Okwaraji’s mother.

The Nigeria Pillar of Sports, Chief Donatus Agu Ejidike, J.P has joined other sporting fraternity to condole with the family of late Mrs Janet Okwaraji the mother of Nigerian sensational, late Samuel Okwaraji who passed on to the world beyond.
In a condolence message signed by Chief Donatus Agu Ejidike, the mother of Sam Okwaraji was a woman of peace who took solace in almighty God when his son passed on to the glory at a prime age.

Ejidike who commended the current Minister of Sports, Hon. Sunday Dare for setting a veritable agenda for families of great sports men and women in Nigeria including the mother of late Sam Okwaraji urged the federal government to come up with a policy that will complement the initiative.
“It is painful to watch parents of great Nigerian sportsmen and women dying in penury even their wards diligently served the nation and laid down their lives for their father land. The case of Mrs Janet Okwaraji is sympathetic even though individually we have supported the family. However, if there had been a legalized policy as to regular stipends, it would have ameliorated their situations”, Ejidike remarked.
Samuel Okwaraji Nigeria Pillar sports mourns Sam mother
late Mrs Janet Okwaraji
According to the sports philanthropist, Mrs Janet Okwaraji was a devout Christian whose humility and dedication is been attested to by those close to her.
He prayed that the family will experience the blessings of God as he appealed for support for the rest of the family.

Ejidike who is also a board member of Karate Federation of Nigeria called for prayers for sports administrators, sportsmen and women in Nigeria for sound health as the mother of Sam Okwaraji is laid to rest to the glory of almighty God the Father.

The Land in the Middle of Nowhere Which Successfully Made Young Sunday Mba Conquer Africa

 The Land in the Middle of Nowhere Which Successfully Made Young Sunday Mba Conquer Africa Football always presents surprises. One of the bi...