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Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Compliments of the Season from your favorite absconder from the creative duty of writing. I wrote on this blog just once last year, I actually managed to match my personal record of laziness set the previous year. This is not a record I am proud of, and this year, I have determined to pummel procrastination into submission and write as much as I can. So help me God. And for those of you who dropped some friends last year, I hope you have not started picking up some new ones already this year, just to come and disturb us at the end of the year with news that you will be dropping them again.

With the usual apologies, resolutions, and subs out of the way, let me get to the reason why I am here very early this year (aside pummeling procrastination) – I think reality is being replaced with illusion, so I need to find out if I am the odd one out still living here while others have migrated to an alternate world where white is black, and red is green. The reality, where we take everything on Social Media as the perfect depiction of people’s lives and we therefore judge our own lives as not being up to par based on that, has become such an epidemic. I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but this is actually a deeper epidemic at the same level as substance abuse as well as pseudo-literacy, especially when you combine all together as it is common nowadays.

Every day, people upload dance videos on Snapchat and Instagram, and we are assuming they are always happy. These are all lies, no one person is always happy, and no one person, who is truthful to themselves, is always sad. People will most likely share the pictures of their vacation, but not the picture of the hard work which went into making the money to go on the vacation, probably they even took a loan to go on the trip. Your friends are more likely to share their pictures in a plane, but not in a NAPEP. You see, people’s DPs are their representatives, and their statuses are their alter egos, those are not their “real faces”, most of the savage lions on social media are real life lambs - everything is make-believe. That this illusory reality drives some people to having mood swings, becoming depressed, and push some to even end it all with suicide is extremely alarming and dishearteningly worrying.

Self-styled Influencers and Life-Coaches are the Platos and Aristotles of today sharing nuggets about all topics, half of which they do not have basic knowledge of, and most people take those half-baked information as gospel truth and start using them as gauges for their personal lives –
YOLO – Anyone ever told you you will live twice before? Even Bhuddists don’t believe you will come back as you.
Sleep is for the weak– OK. Be forming hard, by the time you have a nervous breakdown, it is a pity you will be a mental wreck and you might not even be able to differentiate between weak and strong.
Live today, tomorrow is not assured – Hmmmmnnnnn. Tomorrow will become assured, and you will have to live with the consequences of the horrible decisions and the stupid actions of today, and what do you do?
True love exists, and you don’t have to chase after it, it will find you wherever you are – Oooshey Love Doctor of the House of Romance. The one who compiled the encyclopedia of love.

Hey people, the hard truth is that we all cannot achieve the exact same things in life. Everyone is not going to be super rich, and we are not all going to be super-successful. By sheer serendipity, some are born far ahead of others, and they will always remain ahead bar some catastrophes of epic proportion. Not all children will be brilliant, not all marriages will celebrate diamond jubilees, not everyone will be healthy, these are just the realities of life. However, it does not mean we cannot achieve happiness or personal progress, we as individuals, and the variables within our individual control should be the yardsticks we use to measure our personal progresses which should determine our state of happiness.

You know your story, you know your dreams; you know where you started from, you know where you are going. Let’s continue to set realistic personal goals and dedicate all our means to achieving them. Let’s periodically take stock, carry out objective appraisals, and tweak when necessary, that’s progress. The misguided belief that we are the dregs of the Earth and that everyone else is flexing and happy based on what they post on social media or is nothing but an illusion. 

In a simple way, between the colour White and colour Black, there are countless shades of Grey, you could just be the dark grey at the moment, and frankly, everyone is just another shade of grey, just keep adding more of white, and you are on course to becoming your favourite shade of grey.

Thank You!
God Bless Us All!!
See You Next Time!!!

Twitter: @SirRash

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Since the last time I wrote here, some things have changed… Not such big changes, but big enough to make me become more introspective and less happy. I mean Life is TOUGH, at least I can speak for here in Nigeria where I live.

The first change is that I changed my job (Again???). Yeah, again. I finally left Telecommunications, I am now in Renewable Energy, Solar Energy to be precise, and while it is financially rewarding and interesting, it is also saddening because I get to come in contact with the real Vulnerables of the world, and that could be depressing, especially when you consider how minute your impact is compared to what they require to get uplifted out of their dire status.

The second change is that I have gone on and become a more open person who now interacts more with strangers and virtual friends, and what I see every day is that basically, no one has it together. We are all just trying to be happy, because happiness is such a fleeting state that you will definitely miss out on it while trying to own it, which is such a disturbing state of things because it means we are never happy, rather we are in an endless race in pursuit of happiness. This means that irrespective of education, income, social standing, and so on, we are all still in a state of flux and we are all still VULNERABLES despite all the illusions of elevation. I am now seeing Vulnerability not from the angle of lack of physical peace but from the perspective of lacking inner peace, calm and control.

The economic situation is terrible, this has been so for long, and it does not look like it is abating anytime soon, but even when by sheer dint of hardwork coupled with God’s blessings you are able to break the yoke and become self-sustaining and self-reliant, you are still vulnerable:
When you build a house and you need an electrified fence higher than your house to feel safe, you are vulnerable…
When you have a car, but you need to vary your routes everyday to avoid being trailed by people with sinister motives, you are vulnerable…
When you have kids but you cannot send them to public schools because it is pointless, and you are afraid of sending them to expensive public schools for fear of them picking up expensive terrible habits from the kids of the rich, you are vulnerable…
When you see every one of your mates emigrating from the country but you decide to stay put, you are vulnerable…
When you cannot access the best healthcare not because of your lack of trying, but because it is not just available, you are vulnerable…
When your kids understand technology better than you, you are vulnerable…
When everything is confusing most of the time, you are vulnerable...

You see, at the end of the day, we are mostly not in control, we are just playing and acting according to a script, and we cannot even control or determine when our character will be killed off. So, the best we can do is be the best of ourselves – treat others fairly and respectfully, live our life to the fullest, and above all, try to leave the world a better place than we met it such that we would have contributed our best to rid the world of the Vulnerables.

Thank You!

God Bless Us All!!
See You Next Time!!!

Twitter: @SirRash

Sunday, April 27, 2014


A discussion with some vast and versed friends has resurrected my thinking about Faith, Hope, and Beliefs. If you are a regular reader of this Blog, you will know I am guilty of overthinking atimes, and this period is one of them. However, rather than focus on religious leanings, I would rather journey through the well-worn road of “Chaos and Order”. From Mathematics, to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Accounting, Geography, even English Language, the aim is to discover or create “Order” out of the mass of “Chaos” around. But how well are we doing this? Are we really creating “Order” or creating more “Chaos”? Accepting that some events represent “Order” amidst “Chaos”, is it “reality” or “escapism”? Let me try and exemplify my thinking with some real life experiences.

I heard of a Kwara State indigene based in Kano who relocated back to Ilorin due to the Boko Haram Insurgency. Unfortunately, he was killed by armed robbers a week after getting back to Ilorin. Now someone tell me what order is in the chaos of running away from terrorists’ bombs and getting slayed by armed robbers’ bullets in the space of a week? It is in that vein that I also begin to question the relevance of planning and preparation since there are a whole lot of things we have no control over out there. How do you find order within the chaos, when chaos seems to be the order of the day, Nigeria being a perfect example. To go further, how do the families of those countless civilians who have lost their lives in the Boko Haram insurgency find order within the chaos?

I read every day about commendable progress in Science viz-a-viz medicine, engineering, biotechnology, etc and I also read every day about wars, droughts, famine, mishaps, epidemics, etc. Forms of entertainment everywhere from Sports to Music and Movies; Technology is hailed to be making life easier, but Depression and Suicide is on the rise still. Religious Institutions are growing bigger and growing still but it is still behind immorality, corruption, and crime in growth rate. Every time we make progress in one direction, it is nullified by afflictions from three other directions.

I have one friend, and I know you all have that one friend, that one who gets all your jokes, that one who finishes your sentences, that one always singing the lyrics to the song you are humming in your mind, that one who is as financially buoyant or even more financially than you, that one who is always ready to hang out with you at a short notice, that one who is the life of the party, and also that one who always chooses the exact moment when the waiter brings the bill to your table (not when the bill is called for, not when the bill is being compiled, not when the waiter with the bill is fifty meters away, but the exact moment when the waiter brings the bill to your table) to receive a phone call or leave for the restroom. Now this is not much of a chaos, but it is still chaotic. How do you find the order in this?

Sometimes I just feel creating Order out of the Chaos is nothing but Escapism, that as long as the Earth rotates around the Sun and simultaneously rotate on its own axis, Chaos will continue to be the Order of the day and the quest to create Order within the Chaos is as pointless as the last four letters in the word “Queue”, the first letter in the word “Psychology”, and those two other guys in the musical group “Black Eyed Peas”. But like a great sage who I have never known his/her name said “there is no harm in trying”.

Thank You!
God Bless Us All!!

See You Next Time!!!

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Facebook: Rasheed SirRash Adewusi

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Good morning and welcome to a brand new day. Yes, I know it is already afternoon, but I have decided to call it morning because I have not really done anything today, so to me, the day is still as fresh as new. That is the truth! I woke up (thanks to the alarm); had a poo; took my bath; put some clothes on; put on a matching pair of shoe; went to join the staff-bus; got to work; sat at my desk;  put my PC on; checked mails; surfed the net; and that was how this came about. Tell me in all sincerity, could I have broken any part of that chain of events? Like I could say I did not feel like putting some clothes on, what other option do I have, go to work naked? Or like I could say I got to work and I did not feel like sitting at my desk, would I have gone to sit on the CEO’s chair? Or like I don’t feel like putting my PC on, could I just sit and stare into empty space, or maybe put my head on my desk to take a nap and hope my snore will not disturb the whole office? Nothing that I have done today, that I did not have to do. The short thing I am trying to say, but which requires a lot of words to say is: ROUTINE, MONOTONY AND BOREDOM are the hallmarks of my job. My Job Title should read - Manager: Boredom and Monotony.
Imagine if you live your life just going through the motions every day! The only times I get some form of excitement is when it is cascaded from the Top. Let us say there was a network interruption during the weekend, and the company lost some Revenues through that; of course, that would negatively impact Revenue Projections and distort AOP; which invariably means the Top-Line will reflect a Negative Variance versus Target; and the Bottom Line will not be spared because OpEx  was constant all through the interruption; and the Africa Group is not ready to listen to any excuse from the OpCo Heads; and the OpCo Heads believe the Revenue was only missed and not lost, and it is somewhere waiting for us to come and recoup it, and we only have to come up with a plan to go and recoup it, and while recouping it, nothing must happen to the other streams of Revenue, as in this is not even additional, it is our birthright that we have misplaced and we have to go and reclaim, and while reclaiming it, the main Revenue must also be fully maximized, if not surpassed. Now you are beginning to understand what I mean by excitement. In reality, it is PRESSURE. You have to come up with a short-term-strategy that will achieve what a long-term-strategy failed to achieve. But when you deliver the strategy and the execution and the result comes in positive, you have that sense of fulfillment that I can only liken to an orgasm. Apologies for my choice of analogy, it is just that like those fantastic strategies, orgasm is something that I have personally achieved, repeatedly. Unfortunately, Indians are extra-ordinarily meticulous, finicky, fastidious, fuss-budgety, and persnickety such that mistakes are few and far in-between; thus excitement comes once-in-a-while; and in-between the “whiles” lies a very long sequence of hours that have to be filled-up by being busy doing nothing. And SirRash finds that MONOTONOUS, BORING.
I can see some people grimacing already: thinking this dude must be an ungrateful lad *heavy frown*…. He has a job and he still complains *heavier frown*… The work is even simple, imagine, he even blogs at work *WTF*… Actually, I am not complaining, the only other job I can trade this job for is the JOB with a BIGGER ORGANISATION, that offers DOUBLE THE MONEY, and BETTER OPPORTUNITIES which must include working from home so I can blog from home and stop blogging at work, because sometimes my conscience pricks me. Jah (clasps both hands, put them just under my chin with the two thumbs stroking my beards, and lift my face up to the ceiling), please forgive me, You and I know I would not be doing this if there were some other Word,  Excel and/or Powerpoint sheets to occupy my time.
I think I have tried for now. Let me go and pay attention to the 22 Tracks of Banky W and his EME Sidekicks Empire Mates State Of Mind (The Album); who knows, I might even review the album later. For now, let me go and listen and enjoy or or probably endure, who knows.

Thank You!
God Bless Us All!!
See You Next Time!!!

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