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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Minister Gets 48 Hours Ultimatum to Reverse Sport Federations boards Dissolution

Board members of the 31 Sports Federations met at the Presken Hotel, Abuja on Tuesday 4th May, 2021 and totally rejected the arbitrary and untimely dissolution of the Boards of duly and democratically elected Federations.

The Board members also condemned and rejected the establishment of caretaker committees over duly and democratically elected sports Federations whose tenures were yet to expire. 

The members unequivocally stated that on no account will the Caretaker Committees be recognized by the International Bodies of the various Sports Federations in place of the duly elected Boards.

The Federations noted that the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development lied when they claimed that the tenures of the Boards have expired.  Board elections were held on June 13, 2017 and the inauguration into office was done on July 10, 2017 for a 4-year tenure.  The tenure will therefore expire on July 10, 2021 and not April 30, 2021 when the Federations were dissolved.

Board members wish to inform the public that no provision in the Code of Governance empowers the Minister to dissolve Boards of duly and democratically elected Federations and no legislation, law, regulation or instrument empowers the Minister or the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development to set up Caretaker Committees. 

The Board members of the 31 Sports Federations hereby give the Minister a 48 hour- ultimatum within which he is to rescind and reverse all unlawful pronouncements he made over the dissolution of duly appointed Board members of Sports Federations or face appropriate reactions from the Federations. 

 The Minister and the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports is urged to desist from jeopardizing the future of our youths especially Nigeria’s sportsmen and women, by putting the country  at risk of being banned from participating at the forthcoming Tokyo Olympic Games. 

The Board Members restated that sports Caretaker Committees can never be allowed to replace duly elected Boards whose tenures are yet to expire.

It also stated that it will do all in its power to stop autocracy in sports, especially in a democratic dispensation. 


1. Aquatic Federation 

2. Athletics Federation 

3. Badminton Federation 

4. Basketball Federation 

5. Boxing Federation 

6. Chess Federation

7. Cricket Federation 

8. Cycling Federation 

9. Darts Federation 

10. Deaf Sports Federation 

11. Fives Federation 

12. Golf Federation 

13. Gymnastics Federation

14. Handball Federation 

15. Hockey Federation 

16. Judo Federation 

17. Karate Federation 

18. Kickboxing Federation 

19. Wushu Kungfu Federation 

20. Rowing, Canoeing & Yatching Federation 

21. Rugby Federation 

22. Scrabble Federation 

23. Shooting Federation

24. Squash Federation

25. Table Tennis Federation

26. Taekwondo Federation

27. Tennis Federation

28. Traditional Sports Federation

29. Volleyball Federation

30. Weightlifting Federation 

31. Wrestling Federation

Sunday, April 11, 2021

NSF: Main Organizing Committee Strips Bayelsa Athlete Off Six Medals

 NSF: Main Organizing Committee Strips Bayelsa Athlete Off Six Medals

The Main organizing committe of the National Sports Festival in Edo State has disqualified Dino Ebarakumo, thereby stripping him off the medals he has won so far.

Ebarakumo according to reports registered for team Rivers heading into the festival, but eventually, fraudulently turned up for team Bayelsa without a proper clearance by the MOC.

With the development, the organizers say the four gold and two silver medals he has so far won have been cancelled.

Meanwhile, there are insinuations from different quarters that team Bayelsa has other athletes it poached right at the venue without proper documentation.

It remains to be seen if more of Team Bayelsa athletes will suffer the same fate in the next couple of days

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Ijebu Heritage Half Marathon Get AIMS certification

 Ijebu Heritage Half Marathon Get AIMS certification 

The Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) has certified the Ijebu Heritage Half Marathon.

CEO of Nilayo Sports Management, Hon. Bukola Olopade confirmed the AIMS certification even as he noted that the Ijebu Heritage Half marathon will be one of the few races to receive the top grading from AIMS even before the maiden edition. He said, “We at Nilayo are extremely glad to be having the measurement done for the Ijebu Heritage Half marathon. It further goes to show the professionalism which we do our races. This race would have an AIMS certificate right from the beginning before the race commences.” 

Norrie Williamson, World Athletics Routes Marker said the measurement of the routes in Ijebu was not a problem as the Ijebus were very friendly during the exercise. He said, “It was absolutely fantastic and the people are so friendly once they understand what you are trying to do so measurements was not a problem and it’s an interesting route” 

The world-renowned marathons and road races route measurer said runners will enjoy the routes as it will give them a unique Nigeria experience. “The 10KM will be a very fast 10KM and something worth trying, again and again, it gives you the Nigeria experience and what more can you ask for” 

Hon. Olopade expressed appreciation to the Ogun State government for their unflinching support towards the Ijebu Heritage Half marathon race right from its conception. “We thank the Ogun State government through the ministry of sports for also endorsing and supporting this race in so many ways,” he said. 

The Ijebu Heritage Half marathon is scheduled to hold on July 17th, 2021.

NSF 2020: We Want To Better 2018 Performance- Iyaye

 NSF 2020: We Want To Better 2018 Performance- Iyaye

*Favour Itua*

Rivers State Commissioner of Sports Mr Boma Iyaye says Team Rivers ambition is to better last Festival's performance. 

Speaking immediately after the Opening Ceremony, Iyaye who came to cheer the team to victory praised Edo State for a befitting opening ceremony.

"First I want to commend the government of Edo State for a wonderful job this evening, it was an awesome event considering several postponements of the festival I think they did a very good job. 

Well, that's our ambition, but at the end of the day we will be able to ascertain if that is possible or not". 

Team Rivers placed second at the 19th National Sports Festival with 69 gold, 58 silver and 67 bronze medals, while Edo came third with 47 gold, 41 silver and 53 bronze medals.

It will be recalled Team Rivers has so far won 2 gold medals, one of which came from Judo. 

The Honourable Commissioner remained optimistic that the state will add to her medals and be in a good position. 

"For Team Rivers, this is just the beginning we are hoping that at the end of the day we get more medals and be in a good position on the medal table". 

Reacting to the absence of fans at the stadium to cheer the athletes, he said, 

"Nothing else to say that unfortunately they cannot be here to support their darling team Rivers but be that as it may all we need is prayers and support from Rivers".

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tokyo 2020: AFN Assures Of Proper Preparation For Team Nigeria

 Tokyo 2020: AFN Assures Of Proper Preparation For Team Nigeria

The technical director of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria AFN says the most important thing at the moment is to put in place a proper preparation for the Nigerian Athletes ahead of the Tokyo Olympic games.

Sunday Adeleye noted that despite the hiccups and hindrance portraying the AFN in bad light, the body will still do enough to ensure that the country's interest comes first.

When quizzed about the controversy rocking AFN as regards faction, Sunday Adeleye said "Well, so far so good, we don't know what the faction is all about, but as a federation we are working hard and our team is ready, we are making sure that athletes are getting set for the event".

"We are doing what we need to do as a federation.We can not pretend as if there is no problem, we keep talking about interference, we've had several issues in the court and judgements have been given in our favour that Ibrahim Shehu Gusau remain the substansive president of the AFN and Sunday Adeleye also it's technical director".

The AFN Technical director noted that the federation has done enough to put the house in order and confirmed that they have tried severally to meet with the Honourable Sports Minister.

"We have tried severally to meet with the Honourable Sports Minister but our efforts have proved abortive".

He frowned at the ministry's manner of disrespecting the decision of the court and flout its orders, he described it as disheartening.

He said he's hoping that the crisis does not affect  team Nigeria irrespective of the distractions.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Why Taraba, Oyo States Are Disqualified From Participating In Edo 2020 – Director NCDC

 Why Taraba, Oyo States Are Disqualified From Participating In Edo 2020 – Director NCDC

By Niyi Busari

Director Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) Edo State, Dr. Bruce Osha has explained why Team Taraba and Team Oyo will not participate in the 20th National Sports Festival, BSNSports.com.ng reports.

According to him,  this is because both states failed  to conduct Covid-19 and Vaccination tests for athletes and officials before traveling to the venue of the competition.

Bruce added that the two states and others who failed to follow the laid down procedures will be readmitted if they can go back to their states and conduct the two tests for athletes and officials.

“Oyo State and Taraba State will be sent packing because they did not follow the rules. The rules states that before each state depart their state, they should have their PCR results which they’re expected to bring with them and also vaccinate all their athletes but yesterday, Taraba and Oyo State did not come with their results and we cannot bend the rules, the rules must be followed so they have to go back, do their test and bring the results before we can allow them to take part in the competition.” Osha told BSN Sports.

He added, “The two states can still be admitted when they come with their results and PCR is Polymerase Chain Reaction, it’s a test that we use to detect Covid-19 virus. We use it to know whether or not someone is having Covid-19.

“You know this is the first time to country is organising sports festival in this pandemic so the rules were made by the authorities and it must be followed by all states that are competing in the sports festival.

“And the rules concerning Covid-19 PCR test is that each athletes before they leave their state must do the Covid-19 test to ascertain whether they are positive or negative and coming to the games village, they will present it for us to clear them but unfortunately Taraba State and Oyo State did not do that so that is why they will be sent back to go do their test, they can come back as they will be admitted.”

Sporting activities at the Edo 2020 will commence on Sunday 4th April and end 14th April.

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